Informatics at primary: Systematic, sustainable, for all

Even though teaching informatics as a compulsory subject is a hot topic everywhere today, educators are still looking for what it should actually be, what content to choose, what pedagogical methods to use, who should teach it and how to prepare teachers for it. Years ago, we started with informatics at upper secondary level. Then we realised that it had to start earlier. But even at lower secondary level it was too late to get all pupils interested in computing and programming, as they deserve. Too late to exploit the potential of informatics for the holistic development of all pupils. The choice is clear: It has to start at primary school.

That is why in 2017, we focused our efforts full steam ahead to the primary school, starting a long-term development and research called Informatics with Emil, which has created a comprehensive method, educational content and teacher materials for all primary schools, pupils, and their teachers. The result is already being used by more than 600 schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In my talk I will present our background and approach, the structure of the educational content, the pedagogical method, and the support we provide to teachers. This is an amazing opportunity to build modern informatics as a systematic, useful, and sustainable subject for all.

Ivan Kalaš (SK), Comenius University Bratislava

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