The GARR – ARNES collaboration and future projects

Claudio Allocchio, Marco Marletta, GARR

Last January a double fault affecting fiber cables disconnected the GARR Trieste PoP from the rest of the network. Thanks to the interconnection between GARR and ARNES and to the prompt and helpful reaction of ARNES it took two hours only to restore full connectivity to one of the major GARR PoPs via ARNES and GEANT.

Cross-border collaborations are strengthening nowadays and they now provide infrastructure to complement the GEANT network and support the needs of large international science collaborations. This has the potential to greatly enhance the network’s overall robustness and tolerance to faults, also at the regional level thanks to the collaboration between ARNES and Lightnet, the Friuli – Venezia Giulia academic regional network.

The start of the implementation of one of the pre-Exascale supercomputers that are part of the EuroHPC in Bologna, will bring the collaboration between Italy and Slovenia to a new level. Slovenia is part of the consortium which will operate and use the new HPC infrastructure and this implies strengthening the network connectivity.

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